Contemporary Oil Painting

Sofia Kukkonen recaptures ancient beauty in today’s world. The artist paints statues as they are today, marble white, without their original bright colors. She portrays them with the visible signs of time, in some cases accentuating them and revealing the encrustations, shades and flaking.

The new series is inspired by the women and flowers of the Italian Renaissance. The viewer can find modern versions Florentine noble ladies or Botticelli’s Three Graces. Ancient Greece and Renaissance keep on inspiring Sofia’s artwork.

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Sofia Kukkonen’s work has been exhibited all over the world at important international art galleries, group exhibitions and art fairs, in Helsinki, New York City, Abu Dhabi, Milan and Hong Kong.

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The major source of Sofia’s subjects is ancient Greek and Roman statuary, arriving to today’s neoclassical, funerary and garden statues, contemporary gymnast and dancer sculptures.

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-> September 2020 @ Galeria Bronda Helsinki
More information will be posted closer to date

-> 7th to 15th March 2020 @ Kaapelitehdas, Merikaapelihalli
Tallberginkatu 1 c, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Online, you may view images of the paintings in the Gallery here.

You may also visit Gallery Bronda Helsinki, Annankatu 16, 00120 Helsinki, Finland.

Sofia Kukkonen’s artworks are oil paintings on canvas, from sculpture models.